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I got my copy from the zinemaker as part of a zine swap

Wanky: If you were to describe this zine as a collection of out of context sentences written over a number of years and put together, you’d be excused for rolling your eyes. This was kind of my initial reaction. But no. This is not a self indulgent literacy piece of crap or bad attempt at poetry.

Correction: Okay, all self published work is self indulgent, point taken

But this one is clever: It’s considered and it’s not overly sentimental or dramatic or coming across as try hard. It’s kind of like flicking through a diary of a small lifetime, and each sentence it’s own snap shot of a memory, a feeling. Then there are occasional paragraphs written in past tense that punctuate the single floating sentences and link everything together like beads on a necklace, so that the greater effect of reading this zine gives you the sense of a greater personal story, albeit in fragmentary snippets. It’s a little product of writing craftsmanship, goddamnit, and I found myself quite liking it.

Aesthetic: You know those rolls of patterned miso tape you can buy. And or those generic scrapbook pattern pads. Well imagine some strips of [insert craft product] of variable thickness cut up to break the text on some pages…except that the patterns still remain totally recognisable as miso tape slash generic scrapbook pattern. Yep. The whole scrapbooking fad of the mid 2000s slash japanese pop culture has been to the detriment of zinemaker’s imagination when it comes to collage. There. I said it. And *everyone* needs to be ashamed of themselves. Apologies to the zinemaker if they sourced the collage art from somewhere else.


Don’t Listen to Them – Smoking Won’t Kill you that fast!

compiled with help from
Vidha Saumya
Ali Akbar
Joey Behrens
I did not get mine for $10 from sticky

I refuse: I fell in love with this zine immediately. I was so into it. Then I looked at the back and my heart broke. Ten bucks! This is like a bunch of pages run off on a black and white photocopier. It does not contain gilt edging, perfect binding or painstakingly carved pop ups or laboured hand tinting. Sure, it’s stitch-bound. But not by hand-woven llama hair hand dyed hand by indigenous incas.

But it’s sooo good: – it’s sassy, scrawled, spacey, straggly, subversive and arty with super cool hilarious cut and paste graphics with portrait photos and fantasy vox pops. Here in Australia smoking is a health hazard and consumers are constantly reminded of this with big warning messages on cigarette packs and tv campaigns showing you a doctor poking a dead smoker’s shrivelled lung, etc. So I saw this zine and it was already making me laugh and I’m not even a smoker.

Get It Or Regret It: It’s a mash up of cool collage and line drawings, quotes and one liners, complete with ‘clouds of hope’ and ‘you chill. it kill’. It’s got a genius media and advertising sensibility all through it, a total punk attitude and kick arse carelessness.

…Or Forget It: I had to walk away from this one. Ten bucks. I just refuse to go there. I would pay more like $3. This is an awesome zine, so I’m a little heart broken. I suspect it’s been made by serious artists/freelance illustrators who have a completely different approach to pricing than zinemakers. Which sucks. It’s a bunch of pages through a photocopier, not a precious acid-free, limited edition snowflake off a gallery wall.

Message to the zinemakers:  make more stuff. make it accessible.