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I got my copy at Sticky

Short and sweet and bittersweet: I really loved this zine because it’s simple and a personal story told in just a few lines per page. Sometimes this storytelling effort can end up super laboured and overworked, and it almost always ends up wanky, but this zine? shows you how it’s done. By having one hell of a story and telling it in short punch lines.

I laughed out loud: it’s probably wrong to laugh out loud in a shop reading how a girl is told to wear a heart monitor by a specialist and in that same 24 hours she has her art show opening AND her boyfriend dumps her.  Beyonce makes Lemonade, this person makes a kickarse zine.

Awwww: amazing little story, painfully honest too, and yet quite nonchalent and understated and the most beautiful thoughtful ending. Makes me want to know the person & hang with them.

Aesthetic: Just a simple reproduction of a heart diagram which is repeated on each page done on tinted light pink paper, with the sentence snippets placed over it in manual type. Probably a tad overpriced for what it is. I do like that there was not an exerted effort in trying to source alternative images for each page – the repetition works, and doesn’t distract from the story.



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I bought mine at sticky instore for AU $3

Big love for: The front cover of this zine. The graphics of the cover, with the perfect acronym above it: N.S.F.W. (typewritten and inky black) in the empty grids of a suburban road map below. It screams: New South Fucking Wales. One of those triumphant ‘less is more’ moments in the great tradition of zine making.

Describing the zine: It has its own distinctive feel, some pages text and some pages just visuals, maybe photocopied artefacts like a note or ticket stub. They reproduce in dark tones and have a bold dramatic feel. The writing has been done on a typewriter and reduced so the text is quite small, like you’re reading secrets. The zine itself is a personal write-up of a road trip under difficult circumstances, just her and her boyfriend. Correction, ex boyfriend. The relationship finished badly so it’s just them, their combined personal anger, and the highway. The zine is largely about the level of discomfort (high) and how this came to be. You absolutely get that claustrophobic sense of being trapped in the confinements of a small car for nine plus hours. There’s also a sense of emotional emptiness which stays with you after the zine is over. A kind of gnawing void.

Is it worth it: Being a small 12 page black and white photocopied work,  AU $3 did feel excessive. I bought the zine because I loved the title so much and hoped the mixed emotions would fade but nope, I like this zine and still resent the pricing. It’s further confusing when the zinemaker has a self depricating sense of humour but an inflated sense of market value – on the back page, the zinemaker jokes the title may be the best thing about the zine and thanks her friend for coming up with it. Great. Now I feel doubly duped!