Home to Japan: Illustrated travel diary

Mel Stringer

September 2013
I received my copy through a
Mini Comics of the Month subscription;
you buy yours for
price: AU $15 or currency equivalent

available: http://melstringer.storenvy.com/products/3109464-home-to-japan-zine

A visual diary zine of the artists experiences in Japan while doing an artist residency; meeting up with friends, and all the cool stuff surrounding her.

The best part of this zine is: it’s literally reproduced pages from a visual diary, so you get all the scribbles and crossings out and thinking marks of drawing, and snippets of things stuck in, and notes of single passing moments which are so precious when you’re a visitor in another country. In this sense you feel like you are the traveller as well, which is really special.

Zine Aesthetic: big eyed girls who have a heart eye patch and a smashed nose with a squirrel in the background. I don’t know the name for that genre.

This zine leaves you with the feeling that: The shared thoughts in here hint at deeper emotional undertones but never elaborate. You get the sense the trip was transformative but more private experiences hide behind cute Japanese stickers.

The production is: maybe more than it needs to be. Yes, it’s been printed on nice laser paper with colour front and back cover, but maybe it could be nicer and humbler just on regular copy paper, with the additional bonus of costing less and so being more accessible. After all, these pages are all from a visual diary. It would be nice to bring back some of that earthiness.

 I still think the best zine by Mel Stringer remains: Scene Mean.