The great and epic vision of Secrets of the Photocopier was to map english-speaking zine culture by charting and critiquing zine events and titles as a starting point for anyone to personally navigate zine culture and the sharing of ideas, creation of excitement, making of enemies, etc etc.

The reality is that I get sidetracked. I now have bronze medals in street latin and latin american dancing. This is more a little sporadic biro scratch on the Australian bit of of zine culture.  Sometimes with twelve month intervals. That’s ok too! Cause there are no rules.

Thanks to our contributors

DK ~ bioproject (at) (USA)
EP ~ clerk (at) (Australia)
JN ~ jessicabnicole (at) (Australia)
LR ~ leighrigozzi(at) (Australia)
LY ~ Luke You (Australia)
MR ~ melissareidy (at) (Australia)

Define zines
Definitions are contrary to zines.
Zines are what get copied out of hours and covertly assembled in bedrooms and kitchen tables; low budget one-off or serial tracts usually indebted to photocopier technology and then freely or slyly distributed at little or no cost to friends, strangers or foes. Zines tend to be ephemeral but are ultimately difficult to define. They don’t seek official sanction or popular accolade; they’re about independence, personal expression and the liberating spirit of DIY.

Code of honour 
Don’t assume prior knowledge.
Only ever publicly reproduce names and contact details as they appear within the zine itself.
While zinemakers tend to play fast and loose with copyright, and while it’s acceptable to reproduce parts of zines for the purpose of reviews, if you want to reproduce zines, their artwork or their contents, it’s best practice to always seek permission of the zinemaker first. Can’t locate them? ask around.