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Write for us: The more secrets shared the better. Always looking for people who can share their passion of zines. People who can wrestle with a balanced perspective. People who can freely praise and celebrate greatness, originality and creative expression – and frame criticisms in a considered and constructive way. And handle editing.

The fine print: Contributing your work involves an editorial process. You will receive extensive feedback and we will work closely with you on revisions. Your writing will be the best it can be.

What we publish: Reviews of zines, events or zine resources that are crafted around our inhouse writing style. Email us.

Available: A reviewing crash course, a secrets style guide and the reviewing code of honour, which you can download here. All zinemakers are notified of reviews that appear on the site, wherever possible.

Once online: You’ll find that people will be keen to discuss their opinions with you, respond to your ideas, or send you their work to be considered for review in the future.  Please note no financial compensation is available – the site is a happy labour of love. Much like zines themselves.

& thanks to Kelly Dessaint whose personal correspondence inspired this site and people who make zines everywhere!